I wish better! Bye (Enhanced Edition)


Lying on bed and completely stressed out, I relive the story of Anna and Lucia, two girls of Italian origin, who after spending an infancy and a peaceful and happy childhood in Borneo discovered a love affair between their parents, offended and angry decide to leave and reach Italy. Here they found a very closed society, and then with great difficulty in settling down and get to know people. However, they manage to find a permanent job, but it soon proves a real torture. They are also able to find a partner, but with the help of a marriage agency. Here begin the visits to some of the most important places and monuments of Sicily, but even in Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice, where Anna spends honeymoon. When, for the two friends finally everything seemed to go for the best, something happens …

But this novel in my mind triggers off the uncontrollable desire to escape from the monotonous and meaningless life that I lead, so I decide to take a vacation that will soon reveal a series of tragic mishaps for me, and perhaps for other fun … Just come back battered at work, I continue to be subject to the usual jokes from colleagues and my boss’s office reproaches. It is the final blow that makes me crazy the mind, already tarnished by so many misfortunes: I take then a rowing boat that I had built and I face the open sea in search of that freedom, which in my dreary life I have never been able to savor; unexpectedly I find the love of a mermaid and I live an extraordinary adventure into the depths. But my bad luck is always lurking …

And I also thank God that it was all a dream …I wish better bye cover


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